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We have developed a robotic platform and microinstruments that expand the possibilities of
surgical interventions.



There is a vast amount that can be done to support surgical interventions at a dimensional scale below what is commonly practiced today. Imagine what you could reach and repair if you could scale your hands down by a factor of 20, while maintaining the dexterity of the natural movement of your wrist.



A new generation of materials and manufacturing processes are making wristed micro-surgical instruments possible. Robotics allows us to drive them with ease to achieve unprecedented results. 


We bring decades of experience and commitment towards improving workflows and restoring lives.

We care about patients and having a meaningful impact on care. We saw an opportunity to advance microsurgical treatment options through an innovative robotic platform and made it a reality.


Massimiliano Simi, PhD, Giuseppe Prisco, PhD, Hannah Teichmann, PhD


Partnering with the brightest institutions increases our impact.


European fundinG and local alliances

The European Union's Horizon 2020 program has provided financial support for the early stages of our Micro-instruments R&D, while the larger Pisa area offers ideal access to excellent R&D partners, and we benefit from the ongoing support of local policies designed to foster innovation.